Heavy Duty Flood Lights
60-1500 Watt

Heavy Duty Flood Lights 60W - 150W
Heavy Duty Flood Lights 200W - 400W
Heavy Duty Flood Lights 600W - 1500W

The AFL series is suitable for large area lighting. It comes at high wattage when required and made from durable material like aluminum and stainless steel. For offshore and salt water applications we often use special stainless steel brackets for a long lasting lifespan. The ability to supply these units with specific beam angles makes them extremely suitable for wide area and spot/working lighting.

The applications are numerous:

      • Parking places
      • Industrial areas
      • Onshore applications
      • Crane lighting
      • Ship lighting
      • Sports light
      • and many more options
AFL series LP_002
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AFL series LP_003
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AFL series LP_004
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