Neon-Flex  Dynamic White Pixel Controlled
series 2 &3 & 4

DYNAMIC White Neon-Flex
PIXEL controlled
2200K - 5700K
    • Dynamic White system with tuneable color from 2200K – 5700K
    • High Quality SMD LED chip
    • UV and Flame resistant
    • High Color resistant construction
    • Dome profile for large beam angle, 160°
    • High Lumen output and IP rating IP68 in line with accessories
    • Very flexible with 120mm bending diameter
    • Easy installation an assembly with high quality accessories
    • Custom sizes for projects. Fully customizable 
    • Powered on one or both sides
    • Moulded factory connectors available
    • 3 – 5 years warranty
    • Can be controlled by standard controllers
    • Max length 15 meter when powered from one side

Neon-Flex Series-3 Pixel-White-Dome

Neon-Flex Series-3 Pixel-White-Flat

Neon-Flex Series-4 Pixel-Wide-VB/HB

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