Architects in offshore LED

-17 Years experience

-Professional architects & advisors

-Presents latest technology

-Highest quality standards and service

-Reduce energy & save costs 

-100% Explosion/Waterproof 

-Safety and environmental certified

-5-Year warranty

-Competitive prices                                                

Modular Floodlight series

Our Modular High Capacity Floodlights are the most versatile product to be used in extreme circumstances. They can be made in various shapes and sizes thus allowing a wide variety of illumination possibilities for many purposes. Are products are produced of the highest quality. Power coated, stainless steel brackets, top quality drivers and all you need to have a long endurance under severe circumstances

Stadion series – Large area floodlight

High capacity LED floodlights suitable for both stadium and large area lighting. All units are fully modular. Every separate unit produces over 10.000 Lumen with an approximate wattage of 90W. With a power factor of >90, adjustable beam angles from 30 – 60 degrees, IP66 the are ready for any combination where a high lumen level is required.

Projector lights

One of our most powerful LED high beam lights. Specially designed for light where you need it. This LED lamp comes with extreme narrow beam angle, 7,5 degrees, with up to 360W and 25000 Lumen. Extremely suitable for bringing the light at exactly the spot you need to work or on the spot where you want up the object for architectural reasons. Extremely suitable for long distance projection.

Outdoor Floodlight series up to 172.800 Lumen

Our high range LED Floodlight series offers up to 1500W and 172.800 Lumen. Suitable for any large project. From base lighting to wide area lighting from a central point. This series also offers a wide variety of beam angles and options. All powered by high quality drivers and certified for any harsh condition. For applications at sea we offer special stainless steel brackets and powder coating to ensure its reliability.

Protect series-3

Semi Round LED Tri-Proof fixture for corridor and environmental lighting. The Series-3 is our most versatile and well know series we sell for many applications. It is equipped with high quality drivers, SMD2835, up to 140Lm/W with a CRI>80. They can be supplied with one or two sided electrical output, sensors for switch on and off, 0-10V dimmable functions and many more. Also battery backup systems can be integrated. IK10 and IP66.

Protect Series-4, IP69K, IK10, damp protected

The Protect Series-4is an ideal solution for any environment where damp and high pressure water is involved. The IP69K is the highest level of protection possible. This also included environments that involve chemical cleaning and sanitization. Thus also being suitable for harsh conditions at sea or in any off and onshore industry

Tri-proof Walk series 

Our extensive series of Tri-Proof lights. Suitable for corridor and safety lighting. Equipped with sensors or backup systems. Our products can be supplied in various LED colours. Green, Red, Blue, Orange, White or RGB. They can be equipped with one side or two side power in and out. This collection offers a variety of the most used Tri-Proof available



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